Grethel Gahler

Grethel is calm, cool, and collected, three essential qualities for customer support. To stay that way, she likes to swim. (Because of her, we’re installing a pool in our office.) After university in the UK, she worked in tourism before gravitating to software marketing. But, oddly enough, what Grethel loves most are cars, and she says she wouldn’t mind being a taxi driver. Go figure.

5 Effective Ways to Motivate Your Team to Track Their Time

Grethel Gahler 11th December, 2017 No comments

In terms of time management, the world has changed quite a bit during the last few years.

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Benefits of Teamwork vs. Working Independently

Grethel Gahler 18th September, 2017 9 Comments

Last week, I started a tricky conversation with my coworkers. I stated that I prefer to work independently.

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5 Tips on How to Set Up Toggl in Larger Organizations

Grethel Gahler 18th September, 2017 No comments

Tracking time with Toggl is easy peasy. But getting your whole team on board? Not so much.

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And the Winners of the #TogglMaster Contest Are…

Grethel Gahler 18th July, 2017 No comments

It’s time to announce winners for our #TogglMaster campaign!

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Win a Free Toggl Training Session with a #TogglMaster!

Grethel Gahler 26th June, 2017 No comments

We’re giving away 3 free Toggl training sessions by certified Toggl consultants – all for a simple Tweet!

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Need Help with Toggl? Say Hello to the Toggl Masters.

Grethel Gahler 21st March, 2017 24 Comments

The Toggl Master program puts new users in touch with certified consultants with tons of Toggl experience.

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