Grethel Gahler

Grethel is calm, cool, and collected, three essential qualities for customer support. To stay that way, she likes to swim. (Because of her, we’re installing a pool in our office.) After university in the UK, she worked in tourism before gravitating to software marketing. But, oddly enough, what Grethel loves most are cars, and she says she wouldn’t mind being a taxi driver. Go figure.

Need Help with Toggl? Say Hello to the Toggl Masters.

Grethel Gahler 21st March, 2017 21 Comments

The Toggl Master program puts new users in touch with certified consultants with tons of Toggl experience.

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Want To Become a Certified Toggl Master?

Grethel Gahler 30th January, 2017 26 Comments

We are looking for consultants to join our Toggl Master program and help our new users make the most of Toggl.

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Holiday Offer – Get 20% Extra Pro Credit

Grethel Gahler 21st December, 2015 6 Comments

Great news, Togglers!

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Need help? Toggl’s Got a Brand New Support Page!

Grethel Gahler 19th June, 2015 10 Comments

After a lot of tinkering, it’s finally here – the new and improved Toggl support page.

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Give Office Romance a Chance (But Do It for the Right Reasons)

Grethel Gahler 26th May, 2015 4 Comments

The internet is full of bitter articles warning people about workplace romances. This isn’t one of them.

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How To Survive a Business Trip

Grethel Gahler 20th February, 2015 No comments

Grethel hates flying. Still, we keep sending her on work trips to faraway lands – to help her. And it seems to be working. Here are a few of the lessons she’s learned on dealing with difficulties during business trips.

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