Emma Murray

Can Toggl Help Save Water? Field Notes From Cape Town

Emma Murray 23rd February, 2018 No comments

Cape Town is poised to be the first modern city to run out of water. With a daily quota of 50 liters a day, I knew I would need to make some changes. If Toggl can help me become more productive, can it also make me water wise?

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10 Reasons Robots Are Better At Your Job Than You [Comic]

Emma Murray 22nd February, 2018 No comments

If you read tech news, you may be convinced the robots are coming for us. Our AI robot overlords may one day take over and make us pay retribution for all the silly things we made their kind do, but we’re not totally convinced they’re quite there yet…

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5 Creative Ways To Motivate Team Time-Tracking

Emma Murray 14th February, 2018 No comments

You’ve sent emails, pinged, poked and put up so many sticky notes your office might as well be sponsored by 3M and still you can’t seem to get your staff tracking their time.

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How Movies Would Be Different With Cellphones [Comic]

Emma Murray 9th February, 2018 No comments

The alternative version: how thing might be different if there was just one tiny change. We wanted to see how some of our favorite movies might have played out if we made just a small change – added smartphones:

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Welcome to Smiles Inc: A Different Type of Agency [Comic]

Emma Murray 1st February, 2018 No comments

Running an agency is hard. Just ask the folks at Smiles Inc. Like most agencies, they face a few, small, issues. But I’m sure it’s nothing a little efficiency consulting and some good marketing can’t fix.

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Time Management As Told By Slow Animals [Comic]

Emma Murray 25th January, 2018 No comments

Feel like you’re not getting enough done? Do minutes, hours, days disappear like they’re Game of Thrones characters at a wedding? The solution? Time management – but it can be tricky to remember.

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