Lately, many of our users who use Firefox, have had problems using the timer on the website. Namely the timer will remain in a loading state and does not show the task list.

This issue is directly related the the offline capabilities of our timers. It seems that Firefox has only partial support for offline caching and therefore the timers do not work properly. This is why we have now disabled the offline support for the timers on the web page (this does not concern Toggl Desktop). It has been disabled across all browsers since Firefox is not the only one lacking complete offline caching support.

If you use Firefox, we recommend the following. Depending on your operating system, open Firefox and go to:

  • Windows: Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Network -> Offline storage;
  • Mac: Preferences -> Advanced -> Network -> Offline storage;
  • Linux: Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Network -> Offline storage.

Then remove the line that says “”. After that, reload the web page and the issues of forever-loading timers should disappear.

Let us know if you have questions!

Toggl Team