Announcing Closed Beta for upcoming Timer Nano

Yes, we’re looking for volunteers. If you feel the need for some adrenaline and have the urge for exploration, please let us know!

We will release a new timer soon. It’s called Timer Nano and it will complement the existing timer. Nano is in many ways a complete rethought and rewrite, so the user experience is quite different from the original Timer.

It should be more intuitive, actually it’s more like our Recent Tasks page. Nano takes less room on the screen, it loads (a lot) faster, it’s much easier to embed into different applications (GMail for example), etc,etc.

So, if you are interested in getting the first look at the Timer Nano, please let us know! We will add you to the Closed Beta list and will send you the link to the application.

Either send me an e-mail (alari “@”, or send us feedback from inside Toggl with the message ‘I want to participate in Timer Nano Closed Beta’

By On March 24, 2009

  1. Sounds like fun, could I get in to the beta? Maybe I could convert this one into a Google Gadget too ^^

  2. Hi John, please send me an e-mail to alari “@” or give feedback from inside Toggl. This way we’d know your e-mail address where to send the further instructions.