Announcing Closed Beta for Toggl’s new interface

UPDATE: Big thanks to everybody who signed up. There is no need for more beta testers at this moment.

Once again, we’re looking for volunteers, and this time we’re quite a bit excited ourselves.

There is a major upgrade underway – a completely redesigned Toggl user interface. We took a fresh approach on every single page and view of Toggl, and redesigned these. Pixel by pixel.

We are ready to make the first working version available as a Closed Beta. So, if you are interested in getting the first look at the Toggl new interface, please let us know! We will add you to the Closed Beta list and will send you the link to the application.

Either send me an e-mail (alari “@”, or send us feedback from inside Toggl with the message ‘Count me in with the Closed Beta thing.’

By On September 24, 2009