‘All time’ filter for reports, Classic timer and Basecamp import updates

Hey. We just released a new version. Here is a list of updates/improvements:

  • ‘All time’ filter for reports
    Now you can run reports without a date frame. Just select ‘all time’ from the date selection box.
  • Classic timer improvements
    • added the idle notification screen (appears only in Toggl Desktop);
    • several layout fixes for Internet Explorer 8;
    • reduced the height of current task panel and increased the height of project/task list;
    • administrators now see only the projects they are members of.
  • Basecamp import modifications
    There was a restriction that the user had to be a manager of a project in Basecamp to be able to import it. We removed that restriction. Now you can import every project that you are a member of.


Toggl Team

By On June 14, 2010