Great news! We have created a Chrome Extension called “Toggl Button” for easy one-click time tracking. You can now add Toggl extension to your Chrome and start the online timer within the popular web tools TeamWeek (project planning) and Pivotal Tracker (project management).

Toggl Button Chrome Extension in TeamWeek

Toggl Button (Chrome Extension) in TeamWeek

Adding the extension to your Chrome will give you a little Toggl timer on your TeamWeek’s tasks and Pivotal Tracker’s tickets (see the pictures). Clicking on the Toggl Button will start the timer automatically (you must be already logged in to web page) and the task’s name will become this time entry’s description. Please note that the time entry will not be attached to a project. The project needs to be added manually.

Toggl Button Chrome Extension in Pivotal Tracker

Toggl Button in Pivotal Tracker

The time entry will be started on your Toggl account. You must go to to view, edit and stop this. Or start the next time entry within your TeamWeek or Pivotal Tracker account.

This extension will be open-source, so you could make your own Toggl Button very soon!

Go and get your Toggl Button!