A short period of downtime planned for this Wednesday (26th August)

We’re upgrading our server software and there will be downtime from 07 – 08 AM GMT. That is 03 – 04 AM Eastern Standard Time.

The upgrade will enhance the performance of Toggl.


Toggl Team

By On August 24, 2009

  1. Tried it, I invited a new employee to join our workspace, he got the e-mail, clicks the link, then tries to signup, gets an error all the time, you’ve been invited already. We can’t seem to get rid of this.

  2. For some reason new people can’t register a new account anymore, gives an error occured page then. Pretty annoying as we need new people to join our workspace.

  3. Now that it is upgrades, it doesn’t seem to remember me? Do I have to open a new account? I put in account and password but it doesn’t seem to recognize it. HELP!