A fresh new take on Toggl for Android

We have released a new Android application for Toggl. What’s changed?

  • Layout – much clearer and easier to operate on smaller screens
  • Stability – sync is faster and more reliable
  • Menu – Refresh, Feedback and Logout now at the top with your name and profile picture for easier access
  • Overall just oh-so-cool!

This is what Toggl 4.0 looks like on Android (this one on Nexus 7):

Get it now from Google Play or directly from here:

By On December 4, 2012

  1. Can you please make it available on other Andorid markets (SlideMe, Androidpit) or provide a direct download of the .apk file on your website? Google Play is not accessible for all users. Thanks!

  2. Hi. I am using the new version and I am liking it. The only problem is that it shows the wrong time entries (plus one hour) for entries that I did on the desktop. But when I start a new time entry on Android it shows okay. I am in Brasilia summer time on desktop and Android. I hope you fix this problem. Thanks

  3. Thanks for the feedback, everyone!

    First off, sorry for breaking the Google Sign-in, we hope it will be functional again in couple of days. We’ll take a look at the resource issues as well so there will be a new version out soon.

    @Miren, that’s a good hint, we’ll take a look at it in the future. Screen real estate is in premium indeed…

    @Tomi – this seems to be a bug, we’ll take a look at it. You definitely should be able to select previous tasks, provided they were synced while online.

    @Sanjeev – Windows Mobile version is not yet in the development but we are thinking of it.

  4. Not cool. Like the OSX desktop app it feel like a bad wrapper around a website. I saw good no native app made with titanium and other, but this one is a fail. I have to say the web interface is not that good at the first place compared to .

  5. I can’t log in from my Android by google login 404 error. I hope you get it to work again. I use toggl as a sleep tracker.

  6. on my Incredible 2 the new app just closes with no indication of working or not when I open it. No force close, no notification, just shuts down.

  7. Have to agree with Miren and Jackoid. Especially on the battery usage – it uses more battery than any other app on my phone, even when I’m not using the app! I uninstalled it almost immediately. Sad face.

  8. I have Samsung I5700 (800MHz CPU), previous and actual version hang up a lot. It so simple app it shouldn’t take so much of CPU power and memory (I get lots of alerts from watchdog app). Please do something with that.
    New version also made mess with order of tasks.