5 Tools to Get You Organized

Life is hard. With all the information we consume on a regular basis and the fact our brains aren’t actually good at processing endless to-do lists, notes and plans, we all feel lost at times.

Unless you acquire a second brain, you’ll need a few extensions if you want to be productive, stay on top of your work and achieve that work-life balance everyone seems to be talking about.

Here are some of the tools I use to stay organized and never forget or endlessly delay tasks, goals and plans. So, let’s start with the big picture:


At Toggl, we use Teamweek as a team calendar to mark down our quarterly plans, conferences, business trips and important milestones. This is usually the tool I will check every few days to see where I am with my progress on quarterly goals and if I have an upcoming meeting or trip scheduled.


Trello is the tool I check absolutely every day – I have boards for all important projects and divide the work week by week with lists. Every card gets a label: planned, in progress or done. The labels help me get a color-coded overview of my weekly tasks and everything that needs following up from last week.

For media relations, I use a completely different board organized as a sales pipeline, which helps me see where I stand and if anyone needs more information, a response or a follow up. You can learn how to organize your Trello board into a sales pipeline here.


Todoist knows all my travel plans, chores and personal goals. I use it daily to have a clear overview of tasks, upcoming meetups with friends, shopping lists and even sightseeing plans. The seamless experience of adding tasks and the feeling I get when I cross something of the list really helps feeling accomplished at the end of the day.

The one feature I absolutely love about Todoist is Karma – it calculates my productivity over time and gathers data into beautiful graphs so I can track my productivity trends and make better decisions in the future.

Momentum Dash

Momentum Dash is my new tab every time and I have to say – it’s helping a lot. It only lets me put in the one thing I want to focus on every day and gives me a beautiful photo, weather and time and really makes life a little better with every new tab.

Productivity-wise, Momentum Dash helps me focus, enjoy short breaks with inspiring photography and helps clear my priorities. Not many apps ask the one thing you want to focus on and that’s exactly what I find the most value in.


Finally, a productivity app that isn’t normally described as a productivity app but really helps me focus – Pocket. I read a lot during the day, with most of the reading on my phone while commuting or in bed. And if you ever read anything online on your phone you know that the reading experience is just polluted with pop-ups, ads and bad formatting and it’s just a terrible mess.

That’s where Pocket comes in with their gorgeous mobile reading experience. Although it’s a read-it-later app, it’s become more of a read-it app for me where it’s almost a reflex now – every article I open on mobile, I immediately save to Pocket and switch there for a better experience.

Bonus: Toggl button

If you’re a Chrome user, make sure to check out the Toggl button as it integrates with Trello, Teamweek and Todoist for the ultimate productivity recipe.

So, you might say I’m quite an avid self-management fan. What productivity apps do you use to stay on top of work and life? Let me know in the comments, I might try something new.


By On November 5, 2015

  1. I recently discovered Trello and must say, it’s definitely useful for extensive and complicated project management.
    Something I would like to add for anyone interested in Toggl integrations with other services, is that CloudBee has developed fully customizable Toggl integration:

  2. Thanks for a good article. You’ve discovered a TeamWeek for me and reminded me of Pocket which I neglected in the favour of Evernote for a long time.
    And thanks for a very good info on sales pipeline in Trello, I do use this tool extensively.