5 Best Productivity Apps

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With the latest gadgets and technology around to distract you right when all you wanted to do was just work, now’s the right time to get help from some of the most practical productivity apps that will keep you concentrated at what you’re doing. Here’s our top picks for the best productivity apps that you shouldn’t miss.


If you think you’ve been wasting so much time reading articles, watching videos or browsing the internet, when in fact you should be doing something else productive but you don’t want to lose the site that you’re so hooked up to, Pocket for Android and iOS is the best solution available. This app allows you to save whatever you’re reading straight from your browser and return to it later, of course, right after doing your tasks. Pocket is free and has been designed to keep you organized no matter how busy you are. This app is also perfect for saving ideas and boosting your productivity. Pocket is adaptable in all platforms, so whether you want to use it in your phone, tablet or computer is not a problem. You can use this app anytime, all the time you want, whatever device you’re using and with or without internet connection.


Evernote’s popularity stems from the fact that it’s a big help in boosting one’s productivity. It’s highly compatible to both Android and iOS, and its catchphrase “Remember Everything” definitely lives up to your expectations.  You can use Evernote to capture pictures of your favorite stuffs, record discussions or meetings, and take note of ideas and information which you want to save and use later. Evernote is also the right tool for research, since you can collect and organize as much information as you want whatever format it may be.  If you’re frequently traveling, Evernote is a practical pal to keep your itinerary on the right track. You can use this to scan and save your travel documents, take note of your itineraries, and keep them all in one file.


Mailbox is a free iPhone app that eases you when you’re dead worried about overflowing email inbox. The Verge called this app “iPhone’s most beautiful to-do list app.” Mailbox is praised for its high functionality and efficiency, as well as for its sleek and trendy design. It’s very user friendly, too! All you have to do is simply swipe an item to check it off your to-do lists or shake your phone to send out stuffs through email. Users may also organize their stuffs whether they’re for work, shopping, or entertainment enough to keep busy people far away from stress and disorder.

Leech Block

If you’re a die-hard Pomodoro technique fan and yet your productivity doesn’t fare any better, it’s now time to arm yourself with the right app to keep on the right track. Leech Block is just the right tool that prevents you from staying hooked up online for too long. It’s a Firefox add-on that locks websites of your choice. You can customize this with no hassle and it could match to whatever your working environment may be. It sends outs helpful reminder that tells you to go back to work should you ever surf online longer than you should.


Simplicity in timesheet creations–that’s what is great at. And so Toggl goes with the tagline: “Insanely simple time tracking” that definitely “kills timesheets.” A review by praises the creative team behind this productivity app for its easy and simple way to keep track of time all while helping users accomplish their tasks. Toggl is a must for those who work on a per-hour basis and don’t want to charge their clients for the time spent during breaks or when they are not working at all.

By On October 28, 2013

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