Limited Offer2

We’ve updated the blog post text to clarify some of the most common questions coming from you on this offer. 29.08.2013

Great news! We have a great limited time offer for all of our users, who are currently not using the benefits of Toggl Pro.

Upgrade to Toggl Pro for only $3.50 instead of $5 per user per month.

If you’re thinking of giving it a go, now’s the time. All you need to do is subscribe to Toggl Pro between August 27 and September 9 by making a three-month pre-payment*, and we’ll cut the price by 30%! It’s as simple as that, and you’ll get all the benefits of Pro for less than you’d pay for an Orange Mocha Frappuccino at Starbucks.

And because we’re the generous type, as a first time subscriber you’ll also get the first 30 days free of charge with our 30-day free Pro trial. So, that’s four months of Toggl Pro for less than the usual price of three.**

Why upgrade? Because you get unlimited team size plus a ton of cool functionality, including:

  • Billable flag and rates – Set hourly rates and always have an overview in reports.

  • Rounding – Round up or down depending on your mood!

  • Sharing – Share your time tracking (or specified parts) with anyone you like, whether they have a Toggl account or not.

  • Integration – Export your time entries to Freshbooks for easy invoicing, or import projects from Basecamp for quick time tracking.

  • Delegation – Allocate tasks to those you name.

  • Produce estimates – Make estimates of how long you expect something to take, then monitor them against actual hours and have alerts set for when the time gets close.

  • And much more.

Upgrade on your Settings – Subscription & Billing page!

The fine print: this offer is available to users who are currently not upgraded to Pro, and who subscribe between August 27 and September 9 only.

*Pre-payment is non-refundable and the amount will be based on your current team size. Your team size may change at any time, but if it does during the promotional period, the 30% discount will apply for any new team members as well while the promotion is active on your account. Your card is charged automatically for additional team members.

**E.g. Let’s say you Upgrade to Pro on September 1. First your 30 day free trial will kick in until October 30. Then you’ll start your three months of $3.50 per user per month lasting you till the end of December.