30% Off: Toggl’s No-Brainer Upgrade

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We’ve updated the blog post text to clarify some of the most common questions coming from you on this offer. 29.08.2013

Great news! We have a great limited time offer for all of our users, who are currently not using the benefits of Toggl Pro.

Upgrade to Toggl Pro for only $3.50 instead of $5 per user per month.

If you’re thinking of giving it a go, now’s the time. All you need to do is subscribe to Toggl Pro between August 27 and September 9 by making a three-month pre-payment*, and we’ll cut the price by 30%! It’s as simple as that, and you’ll get all the benefits of Pro for less than you’d pay for an Orange Mocha Frappuccino at Starbucks.

And because we’re the generous type, as a first time subscriber you’ll also get the first 30 days free of charge with our 30-day free Pro trial. So, that’s four months of Toggl Pro for less than the usual price of three.**

Why upgrade? Because you get unlimited team size plus a ton of cool functionality, including:

  • Billable flag and rates – Set hourly rates and always have an overview in reports.

  • Rounding – Round up or down depending on your mood!

  • Sharing – Share your time tracking (or specified parts) with anyone you like, whether they have a Toggl account or not.

  • Integration – Export your time entries to Freshbooks for easy invoicing, or import projects from Basecamp for quick time tracking.

  • Delegation – Allocate tasks to those you name.

  • Produce estimates – Make estimates of how long you expect something to take, then monitor them against actual hours and have alerts set for when the time gets close.

  • And much more.

Upgrade on your Settings – Subscription & Billing page!

The fine print: this offer is available to users who are currently not upgraded to Pro, and who subscribe between August 27 and September 9 only.

*Pre-payment is non-refundable and the amount will be based on your current team size. Your team size may change at any time, but if it does during the promotional period, the 30% discount will apply for any new team members as well while the promotion is active on your account. Your card is charged automatically for additional team members.

**E.g. Let’s say you Upgrade to Pro on September 1. First your 30 day free trial will kick in until October 30. Then you’ll start your three months of $3.50 per user per month lasting you till the end of December.

By On August 27, 2013

  1. Hey, I just signed up for the $5 without noticing the deal. Call me crazy, but this service is worth $5 a month for anyone with measurable consulting revenue. You’re only going to save for a few months (about $4.50, right?) If you want free or super cheap, why not just put your hours in a Google Spreadsheet or similar?

    I agree in principle that everyone should get this deal but it would also be nice to see this company survive with what seems like a viable/ethical business model and keep the price point attractive.

    Now Toggl, can you use the extra bucks to build a better mobile app?

  2. And why show it to already paying PRO customers?? Seems kind of weird against your existing customers that we cannot get any discounts, but that we should be told others can.

    Just my 5 cents….

  3. 30% is the cost to attract new customers… they will pay full price after they’ve been using and loving the service.

  4. Almost being tempted to cancel my subscription and signup again. 30% is a good deal. Why not for your long lasting members?

  5. Hi Annika

    I just bought 4 pro accounts yesterday 🙁

    Would it be possible to grant me the same 30% of for the first 3 months also

    cheers gisli 🙂

  6. Any chance that those of us who have been Toggl subscribers for some time can get a similar discount? Looking at my settings page, I only see that if I pre-pay for a year then I’ll get at 10% discount.