3 Simple Time Management Hacks For Small Teams

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Time management should be a strategic, ongoing process, and to achieve maximum productivity every day without burning out, you need to be very aware of the choices you make. Here are some simple time management hacks (or tips) on how to improve productivity while managing a small team:

No meetings!

In a small team, regular meetings don’t have a place. They waste time that could be used for something more fun and productive. When something comes up that needs discussing, just ask to chat informally with only those people who are relevant to the issue. This way you eliminate the buffer time before and after the formal meetings when very little work gets done.

Use the right tools

If you are working with computers, most of the communication can be done via Skype. Use Google Drive to share documents, Evernote for notes, Toggl for tracking how much time everything takes and Teamweek for planning the team’s work ahead. Internet is full of tools that could really improve your workflow and time management, just find them!

Results-driven teamwork

In a small team, there should be no micro-management. Every team member should feel like they have the expertise and power to make decisions on their own, as long as they benefit the team’s common goal. This common goal should be clear to everybody and results should be the only thing that matter.

Do you have any other simple and straightforward productivity hacks that you use with managing a team? Reply in comments below!

By On April 4, 2014