3 Main Reasons Why Work In a Tech Start-up Is Never Done

“Isn’t Toggl ready yet?” my non-IT friends often ask me. It sounds like the strangest question to me. How could it be ready?… it is never ready, complete or finished. Working in a tech start-up like Toggl is exciting. The work never stops, there’s something new to do every day. And the workload is always growing – in a good way.

Working hard or hardly working?

Somehow, for people who haven’t seen it up close, the idea of the workflow in a tech company is actually so far from reality. I must admit, being a marketing person myself, I also had a different idea of it all at first. Today, having been part of the Toggl team (check out who we are) for 7 months, I feel like “I can see clearly now…” From my non-tech point of view, the reasons that prevent Toggl ever getting “ready” are:

  1. New and updated devices, operating systems and browsers. Toggl time tracker works on multiple devices – on PC’s, on Mac’s, on tablets and on smartphones (and as you know, there are a countless number of these out there). Unfortunately, it isn’t an exactly “one size fits all” kind of deal. Our developers must constantly be up-to-date about all the new browser versions, OP systems, devices etc. At some point each one of those gets an update and then we have to make sure Toggl works in that update as well. Or vice versa, if Toggl has an update, that update must work on everything else too. And this circle of updates is neverending – thankfully! 🙂

  2. People want new features. The world is spinning faster and faster and we must adapt to it. So Toggl also needs to keep up. Attitudes, companies, people and their wishes change all the time. We have to listen to what our users are saying and if they say that they need new features, we must obey. Releasing new features is hard work, though. We first have to make sure that these are beneficial for most users. Our main goal is to keep Toggl simple, so any new feature might ruin this idea. Then there is the design process, then the development process, then the testing process, and then the release itself. What we have learned is, that no matter how much we test the new updates or features on our own, some bugs stay undetected. There are always bugs that don’t come out until after we’ve rolled the feature out to at least 5000 users.

  3. Users always have questions. We have a very active support center, receiving hundreds of e-mails every day and it’s our mission to provide answers to every single one of them. We receive bug reports, feature requests, good wishes, some angry rants and also just general questions. Some e-mails need more attention from developers, others simply require an extra walk-through of some features. Some days our inbox is overflowing, other days it can be pretty slow, but the fact remains, we’re always talking to Togglers around the world.

So, as you can see, we can’t simply pack up our things and say that Toggl is now ready, finished or complete. We will continue working on it every day, so that Toggl would continue to be the best time tracking tool out there!

By On April 16, 2013

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  2. dear toggl’ers,
    also the users.

    i’ve seen this office in february, and it’s charming as the entire crew is.
    they are up-to-date of all the demands we kindly ask for, and in the same time manage to produce their very own vision.

    keep up the good work!

    always recommending to others;
    eager to see the new visual reports announced in a blog post earlier this year.

    bigups from berlin city,


  3. Kudos, guys and gals. I love Toggl, and I’ve tried (so far in vain) to get my whole organization to adopt it. Good UI means better compliance; people will actually track their time accurately if it’s easy and beautiful. Our current system is ugly and requires far too many clicks. Sigh. At least I live in time-tracking bliss…

  4. Hey guys! Thanks for the great feedback! We really appreciate it!

    @Rick You can actually set the beginning of your workweek on My Profile page. You can set it to Saturday easily and it affects all the reporting features accordingly.

  5. I’ve been using Toggl for about 3 years, brought it between multiple companies … really awesome product, and while it may not be “done” it’s always supported and updated and fresh. And compared to other time trackers, this one is simple to use. The fact that I can turn off a task that I left on by mistake on my iPhone, to being at a client with Macs or PCs, I can almost always do what I want (except for reporting when my work week is Saturday to Friday … I wish I could change the week start day by default … but that’s really minor)

    Keep up the great work!!!

  6. I remember a couple years ago now when I first wrote you guys an email telling you about the crappy time-tracking software I was using before I found you and how, even though that app was free, I was pleased and ready to pay to use yours after playing around with it for just a short while. I get what you mean about it never being done. And actually more businesses and even our websites (like mine) should realize this is the only way to be successful.

    How many applications do you we know of that just slipped away because they didn’t have that attitude of never being done? I feel fortunate to have a team that listens to my opinions, have the friendliest customer service and to use an app that I can see improving on a regular basis.

    The sheer simplicity of Toggl is what makes it a treat to use. And my clients love love love that I can post a link to a live timesheet that they can check any time they’d like.

    There’s more work to be done and I’m glad to be a witness to it while it’s happening. Don’t you dare go away – we need you!

    Bravo to Toggl!

    Patricia Nixon
    Nixon Virtual Strategies

  7. Great Philosophy Work Ethics = Epic Software!!
    I use Toggl every day. I would be lost without it.

    Also, Kudos to whomever is rocking Ubuntu. ;-D

  8. I have been doing software development for over 20 years but never read such a straightforward and concise article about why a software product is never “done”. I am comforted by the fact that your team is aware of this, because it inherently makes Toggl a great product. Which is evident, because it is the only time tracking software my team has been using for the last 3 years.

    You have an excellent product here!