New Support Center

As some of you might have noticed, we have recently launched a new Support Center ( to make understanding Toggl even easier for you guys. The new support center should be more comfortable to use, articles easier to find and simpler to read. We made some changes in the layout, text and images, and also added a few videos. As Toggl changes all the time, it was finally time for our Support Center to move along as well.


 Toggl Brand New Knowledge Base

We created 8 categories, which should make it easier for you to find the relevant answers and to avoid the stuff that you do not need. These are the categories that we now have:

  • Basics – all the main things you need to know in order to get started with Toggl are in here. Want to know how to track and categorize time? How to see all your data in reports? The perfect amount of information – as little as possible and as much as necessary.

  • Toggl Desktop & Apps – tracking time is possible while shopping, horse riding and walking around in a desert. How to get Toggl to your mobile or desktop, and how to use it? Solutions and instructions are all available in this category.

  • Advanced features – interested in keyboard shortcuts? Wish to manage your team’s user access levels? Wanting to know how the Timeline works? Here are all the answers!

  • Pro features – want more from Toggl? Add billable rates and set up time estimates for your projects? Maybe you’d like to integrate with a tool like Basecamp or Freshbooks? Does unlimited team size sound good? Creating a workspace for tons of people and working together as a team is simple with Toggl! Don´t believe us? It is all there!

  • Pro plan subscription – how to make one? How much do you need to pay if you are using our Pro features with 18 people? Do we support non-profit organizations and large teams? Instructions, answers, solutions – all clear!

  • Integrations – which tools does Toggl integrate with? Does the integration process seem complicated? Pick this category for simple answers.

  • Settings – problems with your time zone? Want to use Toggl with a Google account? Wishing to use Toggl when offline, but don´t know how to enable it? All explanations to this kind of magic can be found here.

  • Video tutorials – finally, everything has been made as easy as possible! The first video tutorials about tracking time and reporting are also available in the Support Center.

Video – Tracking time 101 – Toggl Knowledge Base

Don´t forget our FAQs, Press Kit and API. All programmers and coding fans – please make note that all of our API documentation and any issues related to it are now available in Github!

Of course, as always, there are still things to change and improve on. This is the part where we need your help, guys! If you see anything, that still looks complicated, is a bit wrong or you just don´t get, please do let us know.

So remember, we are here to help you – any time you have a question, or a funky situation with Toggl, we will be glad to guide you through it. Just get in touch at support(at)toggl(dot)com !

By On April 11, 2013