New feature: Alerts

We have just launched a new feature called Alerts:

  • The idea is that they will help you track your project estimates.
  • Alerts can be added and removed towards the bottom of your Workspace Settings page.
  • All alerts will be sent to the emails of the workspace users that you specified.
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By On July 2, 2012

  1. I second this:
    I would love to set up automatic reminders to employees to update their time at the end of the week if they have not put in their totals for the day.

  2. Oh!! Really great news for Toggl users. Alerts are assists in tracking project estimates and thus help in meeting deadlines on time. Has anybody used Talygen? I have heard that it has awesome features.

  3. All time tracking tools need to be upgrade with these kind of special features which will ease the work for users. Toggl and Talygen are on top of my list as time tracking tools.

  4. I think allowing the message to be sent to the people set to the individual task that is going over as well, so they have a warning, rather than just the PM/admin/team members (might be overkill for a team of 10 when only the PM and person assigned to a task need that feedback)

  5. This is great! We usually have Toggl tasks for each of our support tickets along with estimates of time. This is great to keep track of tasks where multiple users are adding time entries. Thanks 🙂

  6. These new features in online time tracker are appreciable. I have worked on these online tools as well. It is complete solution of project and time management.

  7. Would also be great if we could schedule a warning if someone doesn’t fill out a certain amount of hours by 5 pm each day (e.g. “Reminder to log your time.”)