Hey all precious Togglers!

A new year has reached us again and no one probably knows better than Togglers how time flies.


Here are our wishes to all of you:

  • Face your challenges with courage and confidence.

  • Don´t make big promises only on January 1st, make smaller ones every day. And of course, most importantly – keep them. If you improve yourself 1% each day, you double your abilities roughly every 70 days.

  • Learn to appreciate your time more, to be more effective, to be more productive.

  • Enjoy every single moment: the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, the inspiring – take them all as useful lessons.

We have always encouraged you to track your time so that you would use your time wisely and more productively, but today it´s important to remind you that the time we spend with our loved ones is not trackable. We should *always* find time for our close ones, and this is really the most important thing!

HAPPY NEW YEAR from all of us and hopefully you will be by our side for the year 2014 as well! : )

By On January 2, 2014