Toggl – Keeps You Focused On The Task

Toggl Online Timer

Toggl time tracker is best for you if:

  • your main goal is finishing the job at hand and moving on to another pre-defined task
  • you want to analyze your overall efficiency over a longer period of time

Toggl is not just great for tracking your billable hours or creating timesheets. When you start the timer and specify the task, it will keep you focused and determined to finish it. The added bonus with Toggl is that you will have all this tracked time saved on your account and you can always log back in and see charts, reports or create timesheets with it. NB: also check out this version of dead-simple online timer by Toggl team.

Tomato Timer – Breaks Down Your Workday

TomatoTimer Online Timer

Tomato Timer is best for you if:

  • your work is routine and you don’t have many different tasks to work on
  • you tend to procrastinate too much and the productive time is too low

Tomato Timer is based on the Pomodoro technique that requires you to break up the workday into 25-minute chunks of productive time. After the 25-minutes is up, you get a short break and then the cycle starts again. This online timer will alert you when the 25-minutes or the break time is up.

Timer Tab – Let’s You To Discipline Yourself

TimerTab Online Timer

Timer Tab is best for you if:

  • you need to discipline yourself to finish your tasks in less time than usual
  • you are able to estimate your tasks’ ideal duration

This simple countdown timer let’s you decide how much time you are willing to spend on a task. You set the countdown duration and when the time is up, it will alert you. By this time, you should be finished with the task at hand and estimate the next countdown duration for the next task.