Last week I had a conversation with my coworkers about the fact that sometimes it’s so much better to work separately in a more private environment. Since Toggl has such a cool office, with lots of open space, where everyone can communicate – or to be honest – can do whatever they want anytime, we started feeling, that sometimes we just need to work alone or in separate boxes – yep, like really! This conversation inspired me to write a blog post about positive sides of working independently and working in a team.

Working in a team

  • Personalities, who are able to work with a group of people in a team tend to communicate well with others.

  • Teamwork provides workers a cooperative, enjoyable and friendly work environment. The team can also be helpful in responding to worker’s problems and questions, therefore increases the work efficiency.

  • One of the main benefits team environment is the ability to share ideas among the group.

  • Two heads are better than one: one person’s knowledge and abilities are limited, it could be hard for us to deal with difficult problems without others’ help. On the other side, every individual is different and has unique qualities. Individuals with different experiences and backgrounds increase the creativity of individual team members and the group as a whole. When members apply different skills they are often able to come up with a more effective solution than one person working on the same problem.

  • Teamwork also plays a key role in improving relations among the employees.

  • In a team, sometimes you do not get the credit you have earned, but as Sandra Swinney said: “It is amazing how much people can get done if they do not worry about who gets the credit.”

Working individually

There’s really not much to write about working individually. It´s simple and clear –  on the plus side you can be the boss, on the minus you lose out on the previously mentioned many advantages.

  • You get the credit for your achievements. As you get to do everything , you are the only one who gets credit for it. You can’t end up in a situation where others do less, but get praised.

  • It’s easier to concentrate, focus. You’re interrupted less and don’t need to shift and shape around others. Sometimes group work is less productive because of too much gossiping and chattering. It’s more fun, but less work gets done.

  • You’re in charge of your goals and decide what to do and when. Your responsibilities might be allocated by someone else, but you are the one who decides who to deliver and carry out your tasks.

  • You get to make your own decisions!

As you can see, there’s pros and cons for both sides. What do you think? Is it better to enjoy advantages of working alone or to work in a team?