Lately, there’s been lots of controversy regarding working from home. It’s a known fact that Yahoo remote workers were let go.

At Toggl, we rely on hard facts only. Is working from out of the office less productive? For a week, we decided to try and find out.


Basically it boils down to the simple fact that it’s impossible to innovate in the office.

The aim of the experiment

To tap in to the unused potential deep down inside us, and break new ground in the time tracking world. Sounds lame? We know.

The action plan

1. Rent a villa in Italy and fly the team there;
2. Put everyone together in one room for one week;
3. Provide the house with ample pizza, pasta, wine and beer – and most importantly – unlimited cups of espresso.
4. Let the magic fly in!

The result

On day four the amazing hilltop views from our villa to the beach have magically melted into code and we already have some working prototypes! Instead of using ancient technologies like Ruby on Rails etc, we’re using the best technology stack out there: Postgresql for data storage, Go for backend APIs and Coffeescript for the front end. Yikes!

Le conclusion

While there are doubts about working remotely, that people don’t fulfill their potential, slack off or cheat their work – we have proved exactly the opposite so far.

Remote is the only way to work when you want to create something inspiring, original and visionary! Unless you’re a company lying in ruins, it’s essential to provide remote workplaces.