Do You Want 20% off Toggl Premium?

Toggl is great for tracking your time. Toggl Premium is great for tracking your business.

We kind of love the Premium plan features and we think you will too, which is why from August 28 to September 17, everybody who signs up for the annual Toggl Premium plan gets a 20% discount.

20 percent off toggl premium

So why go premium?

On top of all the pretty great things you can find in the Starter version Toggl (getting professional reports you’ll feel good about sharing with clients, adding billable hours so you can get paid and keeping track of projects with estimates – just to name a few) our Premium account provides a better look into how your projects are going and helps you plan for your business’s future. You’ll also be able to add your entire team – no limits.

Premium always comes with Toggl Insights – a tool that let’s you see what projects are really worth it and measures employees’ efficiency. With our profitability charts, it’s easy to see how your business is doing at a glance.

You’ll also get your choice of an additional enterprise feature. While each choice is different, they will all help you simplify your project tracking, giving you back the greatest gift of all: time.

Which of the additional enterprise features should you choose?

Required fields on a time entry

Do you find yourself whispering ‘murder is a sin’ as you add tasks to your other team member’s project entries for the 100th time?  Required fields won’t let an entry be saved or stopped until they’ve got the data you need, including project, task, tag and/or description. Consider it an investment in your sanity.

Scheduled Automatic Reports to Email

Want the convenience of seeing a snapshot of your business delivered directly to you? With premium, you can have your team’s reports sent directly to your mailbox. It’s like having a meeting with your business manager, except you don’t need to put on pants. Win-win.

Locking Reports

Do ghosts keep changing previous entries or is it just Christine forgetting what month it is again? Make sure your time entries are audit proof by auto locking entries after a certain point. You’ll rest better knowing your information is accurate and supernatural activity free.

Adding Time for Team Members

Tired of sending email after email trying to get your team to enter their hours? Does the phrase ‘Scream into the void” resonate deeply with you? Stop waiting for your team to enter their data and just add hours quickly and easily yourself. Done and done.

Time audits

Does Mark keep turning in timesheets with 20 straight hours of “refactoring the motherboard” under the project “Computer Stuff, Probably…?” You might wanna consider time audits. They’ll let you filter out suspicious entries from your reports – either too short/long entries or ones that are missing a project/task. No more wasting your time reviewing hundreds of entries. We would also not recommend hiring any more graduates from Jilly Longman’s School for People Who Want to do Technology Good.

Set up Automatic Tracking Reminders

Turn Toggl into your own robot worker with automatic reminders sent to your team if they’ve tracked less than their target hours. No more forgetting to log time. Isn’t the future wonderful!

Editing Team Member Profiles

Uh-oh. Did your employee forget to change their billable rate before they sent your client a report? Stop future mistakes by editing names, access rights, billable rates, etc.

To change your plan and see how much money you could be saving, head over to the ‘All Plans’ view on your subscription page

Happy Toggling!

*Toggl Premium Discount is available between Aug 28th (00:00 UTC) and Sept 17th (24:00 UTC).

* 20% off applies when a Workspace subscribes to the Premium Annual plan during the duration of the campaign, and the 3o day trial is not cancelled.

* The discount only applies to Premium Annual plan. It will be removed if the subscription to Premium Annual is cancelled or changed to either monthly payments or a different plan (Starter/ Enterprise)

* The discount is applied to all new team members that are added during the annual subscription period

* If the Workspace is eligible for any other discounts, the greatest one is applied.

By On August 28, 2017