10 Must Have Apps and Tools for Social Media Marketing

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For any company that is web-based, social media marketing is obviously a major key to success. These days, there are so many apps, tools, and programs available to help you market your site that it can be hard to shuffle through them and find the ones that help you maximize your site’s traffic and commerce. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 must-have for social media marketing for you to use on your computer or phone to streamline your marketing efforts and manage your time as efficiently as possible.

1) Hootsuite is practically a requirement for scheduling posts across social media so that you’re not tied to your desk at times that are popular for your social following. This is great for sites that get a majority of traffic during lunch and evening hours, or for multi-tasking marketers who have better things to do than to sit in front of Twitter all day.

2) Flipboard helps you upload, organize, and edit your own magazines and pics online. This user-friendly app is a must have for people in the fashion world or in other visual spaces like design or graphics.

3) Vine is our favorite video app that everyone seems to be using these days. Created by the geniuses behind Twitter, vine allows users to instantaneously film and share short looping videos that are six seconds or less.

4) Pingraphy helps manage pinterest via mobile, allowing you to upload images in bulk, schedule your pins, and gives you metrics for how popular your boards are and how often they’re being followed.

5) Raven Tools costs a small amount of money, but it’s extremely helpful for any web-based business. The Raven app is free once you pay for Raven Tools, and can be used on your iPad or iPhone. It measures how successful you are with your social media efforts, organizes content marketing, and streamlines your use of social media accounts by giving you tools to manage them all at once.

6) Google Analytics is amazing for helping translate the amount of work you’re putting into SEO into concrete success metrics by correlating it with the amount of site traffic and brand mentions. This app is free, user friendly, and high-quality.

7) SEOmoz is a popular tutorial and webinar-based tool site that has amazing resources to help you better understand and maximize your SEO, including training. There’s even a live chat where you can ask any SEO professional for advice on anything you’d like.

8) WordPress for iPad of iPhone is vital for any site that uses a WordPress theme. The app allows you to make updates to your site, change links and keywords, and reply to comments without being chained to your computer.

9) iSEO is an inexpensive and effective tool for companies that are looking to analyze the quality of multiple sites across the internet, either in looking for guest post opportunities or checking out the competition. The results are easy to understand and can be emailed to colleagues.

10) Ego is a necessary for any business that uses multiple services to collect data. Only costing $1.99, Ego compiles all of the results from each of your services into a one-stop document, making it easy for you to understand and share with your colleagues.

By On July 31, 2013

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