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Toggl Desktop Plans for the Next 3 Months

Toggl Desktop for simple work time tracking

Last week we once again assembled the team of lead Toggl Desktop thinkers and discussed our development plans for the next 3 months. There were so many new ideas that a mere third of them can be executed in such a small period of time.

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And the iPad For #TogglBreak Goes to…

toggl break chair guitar blog version 2 - hashtag

A few weeks ago we started a small Twitter #TogglBreak campaign, asking you to send in pictures of clever ways of spending a work break. Well, we got many great pictures.

In fact, we went to war over deciding who wins the grand prix.

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6 Impressive Tools to Boost Your Productivity

6 Productivity Tools for freelancers

Anyone can find productivity hacks everywhere. Hundreds of books, apps and time management systems were made available helping us to get through the day in one productive piece. Apart from these fundamentals, we also follow effective habits and learn a lesson or two from highly productive and successful people. With the gift of Internet and other useful resources, no doubt everything can be done easily and smoothly in this age.

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Why the Brain Sucks at Time Management [infographic]

How humans perceive time

Our brains aren’t super great when it comes to tracking time. Depending on what we’re doing, time can seem as passing slower or quicker.

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How To Survive a Business Trip

plane sunset

Grethel hates flying. Still, we keep sending her on work trips to faraway lands – to help her. And it seems to be working. Here are a few of the lessons she’s learned on dealing with difficulties during business trips.

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Toggl Button Family is Growing Fast


togglbutton-new-integrationsHow do you know that people are working hard – the only noise they make are the sounds of the keyboard or mouse. I know you’ve noticed that we have kind of kept quiet about the Toggl Button updates. It’s time to share the recent developments of Toggl Button.

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Updates on Current Server Maintenance

The server maintenance round will start in couple of minutes and until 6am EST (11:00 UTC) Toggl will be unavailable. We’ll be adding information about the process here so please check back.

Please note that Toggl Desktop and Mobile apps are functional and will sync data back to servers once maintenance has completed.

UPDATE 3am EST. We’ve started work on Toggl servers, all access will be disabled shortly.

UPDATE 3:08am EST. All access is disabled. Window should commence by 6am EST, but we try to achieve turning Toggl back on sooner.

UPDATE 3:23am EST. Maintenance is well underway. As this maintenance window calls for main Database server upgrades it unfortunately cannot be done online. All other upgrades we can apply with no or minimal notable downtime.

UPDATE 3:39am EST. Everything progresses smoothly.

UPDATE 4:07am EST. Database servers upgraded and rebooted, everything seems fine. ETA stil 6am EST.

UPDATE 4:42am EST. Expect to be online slightly before 6am deadline.

UPDATE 5:48am EST. Starting to turn on services.

UPDATE 5:58am EST. All Toggl services operational.

Happy Toggling!

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