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Toggl Android And iPhone Apps Development Roadmap


Here are the changes/features which we want to tackle in following months.

  1. Very near future
    • Reports (finally) for fast & easy overview of your time spending habits
    • Ability to create tags from apps
    • Description auto-completion
    • Ensure that the project/client/tag being created doesn’t conflict with any of the existing ones
  2. Near future:
    • Home and lock screen widgets for Android
    • Notification widget for iOS (maybe)
    • iOS live sync
  3. Not-so-distant future:
    • Design refresh – more in line with material design on Android
    • Client based project ordering
    • Android Wear support
    • Project list search
  4. After all that:
    • Onboarding for new users
    • Ability to use the app without Toggl account

You can also keep an eye on our development roadmap on our Github wiki.

Now! First Time Upgraders Get 6 Months of Pro For Only $20

boost productivity toggl

Update: Pro plan offers bigger team size, billable rates, rounding, decimals and much more.

Toggler on a free plan? It’s time to join the Toggl Pro club where ‘Pro’ is for ‘Productive’. Upgrade to Toggl Pro by making a pre-payment for 4 months (for a single user it’s $20) and you’ll get an additional 2 months for free!

Just go to your Subscription page to get this great deal!

NB: This limited offer is valid only until October 12th, see the campaign rules.

Visual Task Management Integrated With Toggl Time Tracking

toggl button teamweek

The most useful integration between Teamweek, the visual task management tool and Toggl time tracking app is now available via Toggl Button Chrome Extension.  Here’s the perfect workflow for improving your time management and productivity:

  1. Sign up for a free Teamweek account
  2. Get Toggl Button from Chrome Store
  3. Set up your first tasks and projects on the Teamweek’s timeline
  4. Click on a task and use Toggl icon to start the timer

cropped toggl icon

That’s it!

Who’s The Best Back End Developer? Take The Test And Win a T-Shirt

backend superhero

We are challenging all the great back end developers out there to take this ultimate knowledge test right here – Back End Developer Test

NB: You have 45 minutes to take the test and no pause option.

Best results will win T-shirts and might even get a job offer from us.

Ready, get set, go!

How To Create a Successful Twitter Campaign For a SaaS Business?

Successful Twitter campaign #iPadFromToggl
Lucky winner of #iPadFromToggl – Krista Ann

A few weeks ago we ran a successful Twitter campaign that promised to give away an iPad to one busy person who gets nominated by using the hashtag #iPadFromToggl. Now that the campaign is wrapped up (we got over 400 nominations) and the iPad has found its owner it’s time to share our experience with you. So here’s my 2 cents on how to create a successful social media campaign in Twitter:

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Wunderlist Integration & Project Selection With Toggl Button

Toggl Button, Wunderlist, Trac added

There has been a lot of changes in the Toggl Button front lately. We took a big step and converted the extension from page extension to browser extension. This means that there is no more page action icon in the right side of the address bar. Instead we have a browser action icon that is always visible just right from the address bar. This change gives us freedom to implement more complex features.

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Toggl Desktop for Linux Beta-released


We’re making final steps to have Toggl Desktop 7 released on all major platforms. Beta for Linux was released today, you can download the binary here. At the moment it’s only a 64-bit tarball, DEB and 32-bit installers will follow closely.

This version will get weekly updates, and we expect it to be more or less stable by mid-October. Please try it out and give us feedback! Either just send us support requests or check out our Github repository.

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