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The Office Manager’s Productivity Hacks

Productivity tips for office managers

We spend nearly half of our waking hours at the offices and it is fair to say that the people there are like our family. And as you know, we can choose our friends, but we cannot choose our family.

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Mobile Reports Are Here!

mobile reports toggl ver 01

We can’t hide it any longer – the long awaited Toggl mobile reports update for iPhone and Android has finished rolling out – the formerly passive grey “report” icon has gone live. Mobile reports are here to stay.

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Why 9-to-5 Has to Die (and How to Build Smarter Work Hours)

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Let’s start with a bottom line – routines are good. Doing certain things at specific times helps maintain control over one’s life. Our bodies too, were built to like habits. But while habits themselves are natural, there is no universally applicable routine that suits all people. So why do we still insist on 9-to-5 work?

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5 Great Writing Tools for Students

Toggl Writing Tools cover ver 01

It seems a long time ago when students named Math as the most challenging subject they had to deal with. In today’s educational system, all subjects are challenging. The main reason behind that change is the increased volume of writing assignments students have to cover.

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5 Reasons to Sign Up for Toggl Pro


As this is the last week of our special holiday offer which ends on January 11th, we’ve put together a small list of reasons for upgrading your Toggl workspace. While the free version of Toggl has plenty to offer in itself, the Pro tracker packs a few game changers. Here’s five things Toggl Pro helps you do:

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A Year In Review

happy new year toggl 03

Thank you all for your love and support this year. It certainly has been an eventful one. In 2014, the number of active Toggl users grew to 105,000 people, tracking nearly a 100 million hours. That is a lot of work.

We tracked quite a bit ourselves. So what did we do?

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Never Step Off the Morning Train

morning thing One-Does-Not-Simply-Meme

I never let my mornings go to waste. I’m always more productive around the time the sun comes up and I make sure I use that morning boost to work on something important or particularly challenging. I was to follow that exact same plan last Friday, and all would have been well had I not allowed myself one fateful distraction.

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