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Save This! Employee Timesheet Template and Online Stopwatch

Employee Timesheet Template Generator

We have created some helpful resources that don’t quite fit the general Toggl feature profile, but could be helpful from time to time. Imagine these situations:

Let us know what other useful time management resources we should create in the future!

Escape from the Office

ice surfing 06

It’s 9 o’clock on a cold November morning as you crash your bike coming down an icy slope on your way to work. Somehow you manage to escape with only minor bruises and muddy pants. As you get to the office, a few nerf gun rounds almost immediately hit your face and neck. Working on your code ends you up between a rock and a hard place. It’s almost noon and you still haven’t really gotten anywhere. By now you are completely frustrated. You open the office window, and notice the wind blowing. In fact, the wind is strong enough to shake the glasses of an eighth story window. A solid, cold northwestern force is coming over the icy Baltic waters. You scan the horizon and notice the white stormy lines and birds hovering across them looking for small fish. What a dramatic and violent scene.

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Winter is Coming (and How You Can Keep on Working)

winter is coming deal with it 01

Many of you living and working way south of the arctic circle do so in what we’re assuming is a perpetually festive mood. While we recognise that hot climate is not necessarily easier to cope with, living in the upper regions of the northern hemisphere produces its own unique challenges for productivity. And it’s not about the cold – it’s about the darkness.

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Five Lessons I’ve Learned Doing User Onboarding


The aim of user onboarding is simple – keep your new users coming back to your service. The art itself – not so simple. Here are five crucial lessons I’ve learned about the job while doing onboarding for the Toggl time tracking service.

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Eleven. Exactly. One Louder.


Yes, it’s the quote from “This is Spinal Tap” referring to the more than maximum level of amplification (which is usually ten).  Epic movie about the loudest band. You really should see it. But what should the amp level be in the office?  Read More »

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Toggl

productivity for dummies and artists

I recently started a “career” as a freelance cartoon artist (i.e. some dude is paying me to draw simple faces). I felt I was good enough at it and people other than my parents liked my drawings (thanks granny!). Upon securing my first deal, I suddenly found myself facing a problem amateur artists rarely face – deadlines.

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Problems With Toggl? Here’s How To Get The Quickest Resolution

toggl support
Küllike, Grethel & Tiina – the pretty faces behind Toggl support

Different search engines on the Internet are full of articles about writing support emails to customers – how to treat them, how to be polite, and how to make customers feel welcome. I want to believe that it’s something that we are good at and it’s something that we are still constantly trying to improve also – there’s always a way to be better, right? ;)

We receive hundreds of feature requests every day, so if you may, it’s our turn now. This article is to help you write to us, so that we could provide better and faster solutions for you.

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