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(April Fool’s joke) Toggl Reaches Historic Agreement With NSA


Update: This was an April Fool’s prank. The information below has nothing to do with reality.

Toggl’s priority for its customers has always been data security and service availability. Today, we are proud to announce that an agreement has been reached with the NSA to allow Toggl users to be the very first to tap into the vast potential of the cloud computing platform that only the NSA resources can offer – with NSA Hosting.

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Addressing Your Feedback On New Toggl

Addressing Feedback on new toggl

We really appreciate your feedback on the new version of Toggl! Our recent blogpost received a record number of comments, and there has also been a massive amount of direct feedback.

As there were a number of concerns you voiced, I’d like to clarify a few of the issues:

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How To Measure Personal Productivity?

Personal Productivity, Toggl

Regardless of the long work days, does it sometimes feel that you should get more done? Maybe unknowingly you’re not as productive as you think you are? The only way to find out is to measure your personal productivity and we suggest you use Toggl time tracker for this. Here’s how you improve your time management:

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Hello Toggl, Goodbye Old!

timer page

As you all know, the new interface for Toggl has been long in the making. We have added all the main functions from the old interface and introduced several new, cool ones. We have many plans that will make Toggl an even better time tracking tool but that means we have to focus on only one, not two versions. So, without further ado, here’s the announcement.

As of Today we have switched the Toggl domains. There is no “New Toggl” anymore. If you log in to this is the way forward – the New Way. All improvements will be added to this version and we intend not to stop any time soon.

The old Toggl interface can still be reached at – this will be available until the end of June. We’ll announce the exact date at a later time. There will be no further development in the old version and we’ll only do basic maintenance on it. So I suggest you all familiarize yourselves with the new features – we have a lot of information in the Knowledge Base and several product videos so you can get up to speed really fast.

As always, please report any issues via the feedback-function within Toggl – we love to hear back from you!

Using Toggl Time Tracking As A Writer – Case Study


I work for Crunch Accounting as a writer. I produce content for our own sites and also write about other subjects, such as freelancing, accounting and business, for other sites too. I’m given fairly free reign in what I get up to and so it’s down to me to make sure I hit my targets and make me worth the salary I’m paid. Unfortunately, I am a master of procrastination.

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Grunt vs Gulp vs Brunch

Grunt, Bulp and Brunch - The JS Task Runners

For as long as there has been profitable website traffic, people have been trying to find new ways of making websites scalable. Technologies change so fast in this business it’s hard to keep up.

The most basic principle of website scaling is that serving static files is cheap & easy, that’s why we’ve been seeing more and more two-part web “applications” where the frontend is actually a single static page and all the content is loaded in by javascript.

Long gone are the times when you wrote all your web applications on a LAMP (WAMP?) stack and deployed them via FTP to shared virtual servers.
It’s 2014, API-driven single-page js-applications is where it’s at and you’re starting a new project: what are you gonna use for your frontend development server? …your code minification? …code deployment?

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Toggl Design & UI Evolution Through The Years

Liisa's mock-up. Old Toggl reports interface
I was going through some old files in my computer and found this beautiful thing.

I know, it hurts my eyes as well! The sad thing is, I created this – the red arrows, lines and text, all gracefully put together in Paint. And when I did, I thought I’d done a really good job…

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