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Updates on Current Server Maintenance

The server maintenance round will start in couple of minutes and until 6am EST (11:00 UTC) Toggl will be unavailable. We’ll be adding information about the process here so please check back.

Please note that Toggl Desktop and Mobile apps are functional and will sync data back to servers once maintenance has completed.

UPDATE 3am EST. We’ve started work on Toggl servers, all access will be disabled shortly.

UPDATE 3:08am EST. All access is disabled. Window should commence by 6am EST, but we try to achieve turning Toggl back on sooner.

UPDATE 3:23am EST. Maintenance is well underway. As this maintenance window calls for main Database server upgrades it unfortunately cannot be done online. All other upgrades we can apply with no or minimal notable downtime.

UPDATE 3:39am EST. Everything progresses smoothly.

UPDATE 4:07am EST. Database servers upgraded and rebooted, everything seems fine. ETA stil 6am EST.

UPDATE 4:42am EST. Expect to be online slightly before 6am deadline.

UPDATE 5:48am EST. Starting to turn on services.

UPDATE 5:58am EST. All Toggl services operational.

Happy Toggling!

Win an iPad Air For a Fun Tweet

toggl break chair guitar blog version 2 - hashtag

It’s time for our annual iPad giveaway contest! The rules are simple:

  1. Take a picture of a clever/fun way to use your work break.
  2. Tweet the picture using the #togglbreak hashtag.
  3. We’ll pick one lucky tweeter to receive the Grand Prix – an iPad Air!

Winners will be announced on March 3rd!

Good luck!

See the campaign Twitter feed here!

See last year’s iPad campaign results here!

How to Catch Yourself Multitasking (and How to Stop Doing It)?


It starts sneakily enough. I see a chat notification pop up and without a second thought, I open it. It’s a request from a co-worker, and I courteously respond. This in itself is distracting, but it gets worse when I agree to take on a project that sounds too cool for immediate dismissal. And before long, I’ll have forgotten what it was that I was originally working on.

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What I’ve Learned as an In-House Designer at a Tech Company

Overhead View of a Modern Wooden Business Desk

Heidi is a former free range creative. While we’ve managed to trick her into becoming an in-house graphic designer for Toggl, she is by no means tamed (nor fully house trained). Here’s a few things she has learned about working for a tech company.

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Planned Maintenance on February 14th

Toggl server maintenance february 14 - 2015

I have to start with an apology – we are very sorry we had more server issues yesterday. It seems our current infrastructure is giving up on us and we have to really work hard on beefing it up.

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Updates on current downtime

[1:05 PM EST] Toggl is stable, we’re monitoring the situation. Thank you all for being so patient with us! We do not want to let you down in the future. There will be a post mortem blogpost soon, and we’ll continue working on keeping up with the growth.

[12:35 PM EST] There are still issues with Google login. We’re working on the fix.

[12:16 PM EST] Toggl is up and running (except for the Timeline feature, that has been temporarily disabled). We may experience system slowdowns further down the road. Will keep you posted!

[12:02 PM EST] There are improvements, we’re moving towards full uptime. Reports should be accessible real soon.

[11:55 AM EST] Some instances of Toggl are up and running, while others are yet having problems. Still working on fixes.

[11:34 AM EST] Sadly no ETA yet. We’re still working. This downtime is not related to the new homepage or video. It coincides with the release, but is not caused by that. Your data is safe, it will be accessible once we’re up and running properly.

[11:18 AM EST] Still updating server configurations. There is no ETA yet for getting back up.

[11:00 AM EST] Some users should already be accessing Toggl. Things should be better for the rest of you soon!

[10:45 AM EST] Sadly, Toggl is not yet operational. We’re still working.

[10:33 AM EST] Still no ETA, we’re still working on the resolve.

[10:16 AM EST] We’re having a lot of traffic, adding hardware. No ETA, but we’re really looking for a fast resolve.

[10:01 AM EST] Really sorry to report having downtime! Ironically it’s not related to the previous outage we had in January. Our infrastructure people are working on it, and I keep updating this post every 15 minutes until the issue is resolved.

The Four Circles of Creative Hell [comic]

The No Pressure Gauge

Even the notoriously uninhibited creatives can benefit from time tracking – be it for billing their clients or for improving their time management skills. But they have to be careful not to mix up time and results.

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