Leanring time management with Minecraft

How Minecraft Teaches Kids Time Management

Mart Virkus 18th March, 2015 1 Comment

It’s never too soon to start working on a good habit. Teaching your kids time management early on can help them tremendously in the future. I also think learning should be fun. How would you react if I said Minecraft is the perfect time management learning tool?

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typical mistakes to avoid at new job

5 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a New Job

Mart Virkus 12th March, 2015 No comments

I’ve had the chance to play both sides of the field – I’ve been the new guy at the office, but I’ve also had to oversee plenty people learn their way into a new job. But the mistakes are always the same.

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Togg jobs featured image

Would You Like to Work for Toggl?

Mart Virkus 11th March, 2015 2 Comments

Hey you. Yes you. Come join the Toggl family. Doesn’t matter if you can code or not – we’ve got open positions for both programmers and customer support specialists.

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Information on Current Log In Issues

Mart Virkus 10th March, 2015 63 Comments

[13:07 PM EDT] – Toggl Desktop has been enabled, but there might be delays in it going online. Stay tuned. GENERAL UPDATE [10:45 AM EST] – Log in’s work at the moment, Toggl Desktop sync is partially restored. Unsynced Toggl Desktop time will sync later.

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why timesheets suck

Why Timesheets Don’t Work

Mart Virkus 9th March, 2015 8 Comments

Look, keeping track of where your work time really goes is important – be it for analysing your productivity, billing clients or tracking big projects. But I think we can all agree that paper timesheets suck for doing that.

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toggl server minor maintenance march 5

Minor Server Maintenance on March 5th

Mart Virkus 4th March, 2015 19 Comments

Just a quick heads-up – Toggl might experience minor hiccups on March 5th, between 3am-5am EST (8am-10am UTC). Hopefully these will not last for more than a few minutes.

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Toggl Desktop Plans for the Next 3 Months

Indrek Vändrik 4th March, 2015 18 Comments

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toggl break chair guitar blog version 2 - hashtag

And the iPad For #TogglBreak Goes to…

Mart Virkus 3rd March, 2015 1 Comment

A few weeks ago we started a small Twitter #TogglBreak campaign, asking you to send in pictures of clever ways of spending a work break. Well, we got many great pictures.

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