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A friend asked me one day, “What is Toggl?” This what came to my mind:

Toggl is what shapes the world

Toggl is Great expections

Toggl is Motivating each other

Toggl is full of surprises

Toggl is all about communication

6.Toggl is enjoying life in the slow lane

Toggl is when time seems suspended

Toggl is holding on to every precious moment

Toggl is making every day a fiesta

Toggl is partner for life

Toggl is just too darned hot

This is rework of famous comics “Love is …”. Just in case. Your CO ;-)

Tribune Media Services is the Copyright owner for all original images. Authors are Kim Casali and Bill Asprey.

Aleksandr Motsjonov

Aleksandr is geek, family man, and JavaScript ninja. His home is a veritable museum of hardware hacking projects.
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    1. Simon
      June 18, 2013 | Permalink

      I agree on the full of surprise… not really in a good way.

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