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Why You Need to Be Mixing Your Business Tools

Mixing different business tools

Has anyone ever told you about a product that claims to do everything? Maybe a handy all-in-one pocket knife or one of those one-size-works-for-everyone gloves that can fit both me and my 5-year-old cousin. But while the gloves might fit us both, the experiences will be very different.

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How Minecraft Teaches Kids Time Management

learning time management with minecraft

It’s never too soon to start working on a good habit. Teaching your kids time management early on can help them tremendously in the future. I also think learning should be fun. How would you react if I said Minecraft is the perfect time management learning tool?

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5 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a New Job

Mistakes at new job

I’ve had the chance to play both sides of the field – I’ve been the new guy at the office, but I’ve also had to oversee plenty people learn their way into a new job. But the mistakes are always the same.

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Would You Like to Work for Toggl?

Hey you. Yes you. Come join the Toggl family. Doesn’t matter if you can code or not – we’ve got open positions for both programmers and customer support specialists.

Also, you can work from anywhere.

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Information on Current Log In Issues

[13:07 PM EDT] – Toggl Desktop has been enabled, but there might be delays in it going online. Stay tuned.
GENERAL UPDATE [10:45 AM EST] – Log in’s work at the moment, Toggl Desktop sync is partially restored. Unsynced Toggl Desktop time will sync later.
Seems like current issues are continuation of yesterday’s issues of log in/session servers getting flooded.
Currently we’re continuing our work on upgrading the servers.

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Why Timesheets Don’t Work

Why timesheets suck

Look, keeping track of where your work time really goes is important – be it for analysing your productivity, billing clients or tracking big projects. But I think we can all agree that paper timesheets suck for doing that.

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Minor Server Maintenance on March 5th

toggl server minor maintenance march 5

Just a quick heads-up – Toggl might experience minor hiccups on March 5th, between 3am-5am EST (8am-10am UTC). Hopefully these will not last for more than a few minutes.

The reason for this is that our server host is doing scheduled maintenance and as a part of the process, the Toggl database server will go through a quick reboot.

A related, but less significant maintenance event is scheduled for Friday as well.

As said before, this should only affect Toggl over a couple of minutes, but we will be keeping everybody updated with news here as well as on our Twitter and Facebook pages.


Thank you and happy Toggling!

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