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Does the IT sector have too many women already?


According to US Bureau of Labour Statistics, last year 60% of jobs in the technology sector went to women. This is quite an advancement from few years back when female jobs were steadily decreasing in the tech sector.

Still, we do not agree that women are taking over the sector. In total numbers there are still less than 30% of women. We feel that turning the trend is a good thing, mostly because of these aspects: Read More »

Scheduled downtime: 30min on April 12th @8am UTC

There will be a short, 30 minute planned downtime this Saturday, 12th of April at 08:00am UTC. During this time Toggl services will not be reachable, including reports.

You can use all offline tools for time tracking during the maintenance window, your data will be synced back to the server when maintenance concludes.

For your reference here UTC 08:00am in some other time zones:

  • British (GMT) – 09:00am
  • Eastern (EDT) – 04:00am
  • Pacific (PDF) – 01:00am

Click here to find what time this is at your location.

PS: This is a database upgrade in preparation for some bigger changes at the end of this month. It is not related to Heartbleed in any way – that was patched up immediately on Wednesday.

How To Motivate Employees To Track Time And To Perform Better?

Motivating Employees To Track Time, Toggl Online Timer

Many companies still (falsely) believe that making their employees submit Excel timesheets is helping to improve productivity inside the office. This might be a good idea in theory, but reality is another story. When faced with the Excel timesheet template, most employees will try to estimate a whole week’s (or even month’s) activities in one go. This gives very inaccurate data because of our faulty memory and it encourages “sugarcoating” the work hours. On top of this, the “filling the Excel template” kind of activity takes more time that could be used on something productive. In essence, time management shouldn’t be time consuming!

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How I Increased My Productivity 238% by Toggling My Activities


I started using Toggl in the beginning of 2014. Since that time, I’ve:

  1. Reduced time wasting activities by 46%
  2. Increased revenue by 27%
  3. And increased my revenue per hour by 238%

I know this because – thanks to Toggl – I’m able to track all of it.

In this blog post, I’ll show you exactly how to do the same, but first, I want to tell you a story about obese people and diaries…

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3 Simple Time Management Hacks For Small Teams

Toggl Dashboard on Office TV, productivity

Time management should be a strategic, ongoing process, and to achieve maximum productivity every day without burning out, you need to be very aware of the choices you make. Here are some simple time management hacks (or tips) on how to improve productivity while managing a small team:

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New Toggl Android App For Daily Time Tracking

New Toggl Android App

Today we’re releasing our new Toggl Android app to everyone. The application has been reimagined for mobile phones to make time tracking on the go as simple and fast as possible. It has a brand new design and has been completely rewritten as a native Android app. Read More »

(April Fool’s joke) Toggl Reaches Historic Agreement With NSA


Update: This was an April Fool’s prank. The information below has nothing to do with reality.

Toggl’s priority for its customers has always been data security and service availability. Today, we are proud to announce that an agreement has been reached with the NSA to allow Toggl users to be the very first to tap into the vast potential of the cloud computing platform that only the NSA resources can offer – with NSA Hosting.

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