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New! Toggl Desktop 7 for Windows

TD 7 Win

We just released a completely new version of Toggl Desktop for Windows! You can download it here. It’s the same version that was available for Mac OS already for couple of months, now you can enjoy it on the Microsoft platform.

It’s a first release, so there may be issues and problems. Please send us feedback, or check our Github repository for an overview of the development progress.

Time Management Tools For Successful People

Successful people and time management

Time is the most valuable resource that we have so we must use it very wisely. Fortunately there are lots of apps and tools that help us get better at our time management and be more successful. Here are the best free(!) time management tools and apps that are available on the web. Read More »

Track Time On Your Phone

Katse 18 android 2

Did you know that Toggl’s online timer is also available on your phone and offline? So next time you dash to a client’s office for a meeting and don’t bring your laptop or have internet connection – no worries! Just get Toggl out on your phone.

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Survey: Time Management Habits And Work Attitudes

In June, we ran a survey about the time management habits of Toggl online timer users. Over 500 people completed the survey and we’ve already talked about the top 3 mistakes they identified people make when trying to manage their time, and how long they they can keep their focus on one task at hand. Now, let’s go a little deeper into the general attitudes.

work attitude, survey results2

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New Addition to Toggl Pipes – FreshBooks!

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 12.47.31

Exciting news to all of you FreshBooks-loving togglers! Toggl Pipes now allows you to sync data from and to your FreshBooks account. Read More »

Survey Results: How Long Can People Focus On One Task?

total focus lenght chart toggl online timer survey2

A few weeks ago, we ran a survey about the time management habits of Toggl online timer users. One of the questions was about the maximum length that people can keep their focus on only one task and here are the results:

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Top 3 Time Management Mistakes Identified By Togglers

time management mistakes identified by toggl users in shadow

A few weeks ago, we ran a survey about the time management habits of Toggl online timer users. We contacted about 5000 people and got an impressive 536 replies as of today. Based on the open answers to this question we categorized the most common time management mistakes that Toggl users identified. Are you guilty of any of these?

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