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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Toggl

productivity for dummies and artists

I recently started a “career” as a freelance cartoon artist (i.e. some dude is paying me to draw simple faces). I felt I was good enough at it and people other than my parents liked my drawings (thanks granny!). Upon securing my first deal, I suddenly found myself facing a problem amateur artists rarely face – deadlines.

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Problems With Toggl? Here’s How To Get The Quickest Resolution

toggl support
Küllike, Grethel & Tiina – the pretty faces behind Toggl support

Different search engines on the Internet are full of articles about writing support emails to customers – how to treat them, how to be polite, and how to make customers feel welcome. I want to believe that it’s something that we are good at and it’s something that we are still constantly trying to improve also – there’s always a way to be better, right? ;)

We receive hundreds of feature requests every day, so if you may, it’s our turn now. This article is to help you write to us, so that we could provide better and faster solutions for you.

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“Wow, Endless Possibilities!”

The purpose of this post is to stimulate and express life with never-ending possibilities. Often there are circumstances that block our everyday actions. They appear to do so because of the framework and assumptions we set up.   I wonder if this can be changed?Endless possibilities

This sketchnote is inspired and somewhat based on the Book “The Art of Possibilities” by Rosamund and Benjamin Zander

How To Integrate New Tools With Toggl Button Chrome Extension

Toggl Button integrations

Toggl Button is progressing fast. It is doing so largely because the active help of the community. Actually the majority of integrations available in Toggl Button are community contributions. This blog post is a step by step type of guide on how to add integration of a new tool to Toggl Button extension. Read More »

Take The Software Development Challenge & Win a T-Shirt


Didn’t you have anything else to play with in your childhood except API-s? We are challenging you to show your software development skills in our Teamweek Backend Developer Test.

Time for taking the test is 25 minutes and there’s no pause option. If you score high enough, you’ll receive T-shirt or even a job offer.

Time to play!

How To Finish Projects – Inspired By ZombieRun


                                            The Endless Wall of ZombieRun Post-its

Side projects are great, they take you out of your routine and let you try something you feel passionate about. This is a blog post about indie game side project called ZombieRun. I will give you an overview of different stages of my side project and summarise what to keep in mind, when taking on a similar quest.

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What Programming Is Like (As a Job, As an Activity & On Mondays)


A recent conversation with a coworker made me think about the gap between what programming is like for programmers and how non-programmers (read: normal people) imagine it to be. I think we as programmers (developers, coders, ninjas, samurai, whatever you want to call yourself) are so engulfed in our own world that we don’t even realize that other people may not have the slightest idea about what software development is really like. So I decided to give it a shot and try to explain this as best I can. I will keep it short.

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