toggl billable rates for team member tracking

New Pro Feature – Custom Rates for Team Members!

Mart Virkus 27th July, 2015 1 Comment

If you’ve got a Toggl Pro subscription, you can now add custom billable rates for your team members!

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Should I work during vacation?

How Much Should You Work During Vacation?

Mart Virkus 24th July, 2015 No comments

“Oh c**p, am I not supposed to be resting?” Oh no no no, sit back down! What I meant was – if you were to do work, then how much? (more…)

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5 Tips to Make Work While Traveling a Breeze

Dunja Lazic 21st July, 2015 No comments

I tend to work a lot. I also tend to travel a lot. Not many people get the chance to work remotely so when you do – make sure to embrace it. I’ve worked remotely on and off for the last three years and traveled to fifteen countries along the way.

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Regular work day for a freelance writer

Tips and Advice: How To Make a Career out of Freelance Writing

Hilda Simpson 17th July, 2015 No comments

Many people don’t realize how tough it is to make a living as a Freelance writer and most think that not having a full time job may spell out doom for you in the long run.

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Make The Week Your Bi*ch – Plan & Execute.

James Towers 15th July, 2015 1 Comment

James originally wrote this for his augmented reality marketing agency, and kindly let us republish it for the Toggl community. Thanks James!

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Liisa hacking away in Toggl office

Increase Your JavaScript Productivity With Stubs, Improving Tests In The Process

Pedro Tacla Yamada 13th July, 2015 2 Comments

It’s very common to have to write applications or libraries with dependencies that are completely foreign to your code.

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