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Scheduled downtime: 3h on April 27th @8am-11am UTC

There will be 3 hours planned downtime for database server upgrade this Sunday, 27th of April at 08:00 am UTC. During this time Toggl services will not be reachable, including reports.

You can use all offline tools for time tracking during the maintenance window, your data will be synced back to the server when maintenance concludes.

For your reference here UTC 08:00am in some other time zones:

  • British (GMT) – 09:00am
  • Eastern (EDT) – 04:00am
  • Pacific (PDF) – 01:00am

Click here to find what time this is at your location.

For updates about the situation, keep an eye on our Twitter account @toggl

5 tips on server and service monitoring

service monitoring does not require being at desk

This technical blog post is intended for system administrators. If you are not person managing your computer then show little help and appreciation to one who does – pass link to this on,  maybe he/she will get any ideas from following article.

5 tips in short

  1. monitor each of  your server/OS vitals, do not care for own services at this step
  2. set up notifications for exceptional situations your software, but only exceptional to reduce noise
  3. add third-party service monitoring to your public service, to catch possible problems between world and your datacenter
  4. require each of your internal services to include “dependency check and report”
  5. monitor your backends, checking each service on each backend from each gateway. Get notified for anomalies such as slow or missing responses

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How To Avoid Feeling Like a Loser at Work


Its a given that real programmers start programming at their early teens, code in their spare time and are always up to date with bleeding edge technologies. But these great expectations may lead to great burnouts.

The office is large and empty, everyone has left already. There is just me staring at a screen, eyes glazed over and head totally blank. Last 6 hours I’ve been refactoring bunch of code that functionality-wise could have been ready yesterday. But I thought it could make it look better. Hence I took it to pieces to put it back together again, just to foolproof the darn thing so the next developer who looks at it would not think „What idiot wrote this crap!?“.

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Insanely Simple Guide For Building SVG Icons Using Grunt

nerds, icons

SVG icons have become a good replacement for bitmap files and font icons. Ian Feather, a Front End Developer at Lonely Planet wrote an excellent blog post about why SVG icons rule and I agree with him. Nevertheless, I didn’t find any good guides for a SVG icon build system so I decided to share my build configuration.

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A Case Study: Tracking Chicken Activity With Toggl

chicken teaser

It’s always interesting to see the different ways of how Toggl is used in real life situations. We met an avid Toggl fan in Istanbul and she invited us to follow her so we can learn about her life.

Here’s a short report on what we found out (and please do watch the whole video).

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On a Wrong Side of Digital Divide


I have been working as the Office Manager in Toggl for over 6 years and only Yesterday was the first time when I had to ask my coworkers “What the hell are you talking about?” It happened just when we were discussing ideas for our video ­(that’s a secret for now). Read More »

Does the IT sector have too many women already?


According to US Bureau of Labour Statistics, last year 60% of jobs in the technology sector went to women. This is quite an advancement from few years back when female jobs were steadily decreasing in the tech sector.

Still, we do not agree that women are taking over the sector. In total numbers there are still less than 30% of women. We feel that turning the trend is a good thing, mostly because of these aspects: Read More »

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