How to avoid work during vacation

Avoid Working During Vacation (with Scorched Earth Tactics)

Mart Virkus 3rd July, 2015 No comments

“Oh man, time sure moves slow when you’re on vacation – maybe I’ll just check my e-mail for a second?” And down the bloody rabbit hole you go.

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Toggl mobile plans for summer 2015

The Summer of Toggl Mobile

Mart Virkus 2nd July, 2015 No comments

Brrrrring! We’ve been adding some cool stuff to our Toggl mobile time tracking apps. Here’s a quick overview of what has changed.

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Yerkes-Dodson Law illustrated

If You Don’t Feel Anxiety, You’re Not Trying Hard Enough

Mart Virkus 30th June, 2015 2 Comments

We hear so much about the negative effects of stress that we actually forget about why stress exists in the first place.

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How To Have Better Meetings

5 Simple Tricks We Use to Make Meetings Suck Less

Mart Virkus 25th June, 2015 4 Comments

Runaway meetings are huge day killers. The worst of them end up morphing into these weird social gatherings in an awkward work-obligation kind of way. Yuck.

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Toggl is looking for alpha testers

Get Early Access to Toggl Business Plan – Sign Up for Testing Now!

Liisa Toompuu 22nd June, 2015 43 Comments

Our brand new plan, Toggl Business, will be launched this Fall – complete with 7 exclusive features. We believe in incremental launches, so we will be shipping the features one by one as we complete them ahead of the final launch.

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toggl new support page

Need help? Toggl’s Got a Brand New Support Page!

Grethel Gahler 19th June, 2015 9 Comments

After a lot of tinkering, it’s finally here – the new and improved Toggl support page.

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