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Use This Simple Thing to Keep Work Away from Private Time

Box out private time - toggl blog

Recently I suggested in one of our blog posts that office hours need to die, and it might be wiser to distribute work in a different, more flexible manner. A small debate ensued and one of our followers raised an important concern – flexibility in where you do your work might lead to a situation wherein employers start cutting into your private time.

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Why You Should Walk More

stairway kills elevator

“Oh, sweet!” was my first thought when I learned that I can take the bus literally from my house to the office doorstep. Given this, and the fact that the commute itself is only 12 minutes, I was pretty happy. But this blessing turned out to be a clever disguise for laziness.

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We Want to Meet You!

meet toggl staff users

Every year our people travel around the world meeting other Togglers. Here’s why we do it (and how you can set up a meeting).

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Full Report on Last Week’s Server Issues


As you may remember, Toggl’s servers experienced some difficulties last Thursday. At the end of it, we promised to offer an explanation on what exactly had happened, and what we learned from it. The following is a full report on the server issues:

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Tips for Working from Home

Tips for working from home office

Working from home might seem like a tempting concept, but its pitfalls are many. If you don’t draw a clear line between your work and domestic routines, this arrangement can turn from a dream job into a productivity nightmare.

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Toggl Desktop 7 Update & Future Plans

desktop update toggl 01

A new version of Toggl Desktop has just gone live. It has been some time since we wrote anything about it on the blog. Rest assured that we have written a lot in this time of silence, but we have been mostly focused on writing code instead of sonnets.

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We Want You To Push Our Buttons!

Toggl Button Chrome extension plug in

In case you didn’t know, Toggl has a Google Chrome browser extension called the Toggl Button. Another thing you might not know, is that the button is integrated into a lot of other apps and tools. What even fewer people know, is that it’s all open source (most of Toggl is, for that matter).

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