How we fake tested a fake video

How We Fake Tested a Fake Video (and Learned a Real Lesson)

Mart Virkus 5th May, 2015 No comments

At Toggl, we’re big on reading Kissmetrics, Hubspot and other marketing blogs, but at the end of the day, conversion success can come from the most random of places.

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Managing clients customers and expectations - the Unique Influence case

How to Save Time by Managing Client Expectations [interview]

Mart Virkus 30th April, 2015 No comments

Chantal Pittman is the COO of Unique Influence, an Austin based digital advertising agency. We asked her about how she uses time tracking to divide her staff’s time between her different clients.

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how to scale company culture toggl blog

Does Your Culture Scale?

Janika Liiv 28th April, 2015 No comments

A small startup can feel like a family. But what happens when the family grows?

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how to become a more productive writer

How to Be a More Productive Writer

Steve Aedy 22nd April, 2015 1 Comment

If you have ever experienced writer’s block, the stress of an approaching deadline or have grappled with the big question “Where To Begin?”, then this article is for you.

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top 10 productivity books toggl blog 2

10 Books You Should Read To Boost Your Productivity

Jessica Millis 17th April, 2015 No comments

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tech company employee stereotypes cover image

11 Types of Employees You Meet at a Tech Company [Infographic]:

Mart Virkus 15th April, 2015 15 Comments

Ever wanted to know what it’s like working at a tech company? Consider this a beginner’s guide to tech employee stereotypes.

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How to expand your business beyond national borders

Growing Beyond National Borders Isn’t as Impossible as You Think

Tõnu Runnel 13th April, 2015 No comments

Tõnu Runnel heads Voog – a web design tool with customers across 80 countries. If you’re on the fence about expanding to new markets, hear what he has to say about achieving international success.

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New Toggl Blog launch

Holy Smokes – It’s a New Blog!

Mart Virkus 9th April, 2015 8 Comments

After wading through a seemingly endless sea of unforeseeable technical difficulties, it’s finally here – the new Toggl blog!

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