rethinking teamwork post collisionconf

Rethinking Teamwork (Lessons from CollisionConf 2015)

Tiina Käärik 22nd May, 2015 No comments

The best resource your business will ever have, is people. While apps and tools come and go, you’ve got to be kind to your people.

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6 Problems New Designers Face (and Their Free Solutions)

Heidi Taperson 20th May, 2015 No comments

We asked our designer Heidi to put together a list of free design tools for the cash-strapped creatives. This is how she got started.

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how to build good client relationships

Three Lessons on Keeping Your Clients Happy [Interview]

Mart Virkus 18th May, 2015 No comments

We talked to Josh and Ami from 360Partners online marketing agency about how they manage their client relationships. Here’s three big lessons we learned.

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challenges of working remotely

5 Challenges of Working Remotely (and How to Conquer Them)

Elise Pagnini 14th May, 2015 No comments

When you spend your days at home in a virtual office, it can seem that the biggest hurdle remote employees face is finding the motivation to put on real pants.

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Server Reboot in Response to Rackspace VENOM Bug Fix

Mart Virkus 14th May, 2015 No comments

We are currently doing an emergency reboot of all our servers in response to a potential threat from a virtual machine bug.

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toggl one million users

One Million Togglers!

Mart Virkus 13th May, 2015 2 Comments

Well, there it is – one of you is the 1,000,000th Toggler. Congratulations, anonymous winner!

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Toggl web app development roadmap Q2 2015

New Toggl Web Features Coming in Q2

Andrin Riiet 11th May, 2015 3 Comments

Toggl is evolving faster and faster. Here’s four major improvements you can expect in the web app in the coming months.

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How to get your clients keep coming back

How to Keep Your Clients Coming Back

Triin Jassov 6th May, 2015 No comments

We regularly send our people out to meet other Togglers. Our support guru Triin went to the Netherlands, and came back with a few valuable lessons on customer relationships.

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